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Don't throw your invitations on the back burner

Calling all couples, not just DIYers! Give your invitation postage the respect it needs. So many times, I see the invitations taken to get postage the very day, or two, before they should be mailed out. The invitations either require more postage or the stamps offered are not as beautiful as you were hoping for. If you wait until the last minute you may end up with a business style stamp, or worse, a Christmas stamp in February! Invitations have a lot of factors to consider:

  • Time to process the initial order could be 4 to 6 weeks

  • If you would like special stamps or if you order directly from the Post Office online, that is usually 1 week, sometimes longer

  • If you have your envelopes hand addressed or written with calligraphy, that is easily 2 to 3 weeks

  • The invitations should be mailed out 6-8 weeks prior to the wedding

  • Also take into consideration the actual amount of postage. That should be determined as soon as you get your initial invitation order

Invitations have a lot of facets all by themselves. They are the prelude to what to expect at your wedding or event. You want to take the time to make them beautiful and have postage to match.

Here is a little tip: Ask your local Post Office clerk if they could kindly hand stamp each one. You can treat them to a nice box of chocolate, a coffee gift card, or a simple little gift. It takes time to stamp each one and you want to make sure they do a nice job.

One quick reminder, do not forget to get postage for your RSVP cards